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Yunyan District

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Updated: 2013-07-04

Yunyan District

The Yunyan district is in the central part of the city of Guiyang, bordering the Wudang district to the northeast, Baiyun to the north, Nanming to the south, and Guanshanhu to the west. It had a population of 546,800 by the end of 2002, with 79,700 from ethnic groups, the Miao accounting for the majority. Yunyan has one of the best economies of all the districts and saw its secondary and tertiary industries accounting for a large part of that along with rapid growth. Traditional agriculture has accounted for less of its economy in recent years, while commerce has developed well, with many large shopping malls and supermarkets. The district is also Guiyang's cultural and administrative center, with the major library, Guizhou Museum, and municipal government offices. It has many tourist attractions, including Qianling Park and Dongshan Mountain.

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