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Guanshanhu district orients itself to internationalization

By Li Jun ( chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2014-04-22

As a newly developing district, Guanshanhu district has experienced great change in the past five years and is pursuing international development.

After the five-year development, Guanshanhu district's tax revenue has increased to over 5 billion yuan ($802.6 million) from only 400 million yuan previously. The development area has grown to 106 square kilometers from 17 square kilometers, and the population has hit over 400,000 from 40,000.

The changing figures vividly show the district's great change. "Guanshanhu district is the only place in Guiyang to go global," said Ding Xudong, Party secretary of Guanshanhu district.

Guanshanhu district orients itself to internationalization
Ding Xudong, Party secretary of Guanshanhu district, Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province is interviewed by China Daily journalist. (Photo/China Daily Guizhou Office)

Ding said the district is striving to make itself into an ecological, international and digitized place. "The internationalization will help foreigners feel like they are at home," he added. Guanshanhu district has made international city plans that include bilingual signs and bike ways.

Since Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park cooperated with Guiyang last September, Guanshanhu district has completed contract projects totaling 10.5 billion yuan thanks to its unique ecological advantage and development orientation.

"Guanshanhu district has used the past five years to create a firm urban infrastructure. From now on, it will usher in a new round of development through modern industries," Ding said.

According to the development plan, Guanshanhu district will bring in real economy and build a modern industrial park covering an area of 35 square kilometers, with high and new technology and the information industry in the lead.

"To help the industry promote the transformation of the district, we have planned five major parts: modern manufacturing industry, textile industry, e-commerce and big data industry, automobile industry and new packaging industry," said Ding.

China's leading e-commerce company, Jing Dong Group, has invested to build a logistics park in the district. The nation's first e-commerce base with warehouse model is expected to be completed in May this year. Meanwhile, it has also cooperated with Edinburgh Elevator Co and Bosideng Company.

"Guanshanhu district will make a key transition by developing the manufacturing industry in September this year," Ding said firmly.

Other than developing the modern manufacturing industry, the district also plans to build an international financial center with a total area of 2.2 square kilometers, which would gather leading enterprises in financial areas. Guanshanhu district is well-prepared for the next five-year development period.

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