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Outstanding research, advances headline big data expo in Guiyang

By Li You ( China Daily)

Updated: 2018-05-30

Extravaganza closes on a high as over $5 billion in transactions and deals sealed

China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018, closed on Tuesday in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, attracted 120,000 visitors as well as 388 exhibiting companies - record-high numbers compared with previous sessions.

More than 35 billion yuan ($5.5 billion) worth of transactions and deals were sealed at the four-day event. And more than 1,000 new products and solution packages were launched, organizers said on Tuesday.

Upholding the principle of "data connecting and driving the innovation of everything", the expo highlighted leading research and technological achievements in the field of big data.

Those achievements cover solutions for poverty alleviation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, fifth-generation communications technologies and their applications, which affect people's everyday lives.

A total of 536 foreign delegates from 28 countries and regions came to the expo, sharing their expertise during eight high-profile dialogues and 56 forums.

"The integration of data with the real world is the most prominent achievement of big data in the new era, which can provide countless possibilities for new ideas to take shape and develop," said Sun Zhigang, Party secretary of Guizhou province.

"It will open up new opportunities for people to understand the world and change the world, and it will have profound influence on the model of industrialization, our way of life and the model of social governance."

Futuristic tech

A list of 11 outstanding examples of "futuristic technologies" developed in recent years was released during the expo.

Selected from 526 scientific achievements under the topic of big data around the world, these items covered a wide range of internationally cutting-edge technologies, new products and business models.

Among those on the list was the Xiaoi Robot, developed by Xiaoi Corp, a unit of tech giant Xiaomi.

By integrating the technologies of semantic analysis, knowledge engineering, big data and AI, the Xiaoi robot is capable of recognizing and executing vocal orders issued by users.

A virtual assistant based on AI technology, it can be applied to many electronic devices including mobile phones, televisions and AI sound boxes.

At the expo, Xiaoi's technology was showcased on the display screens standing in front of the conference halls. By 'talking' with visitors and providing requested information, Xiaoi caught people's attention.

"The development of AI is closely related to big data. Deep learning technology, regarded as the hottest topic in the field of AI, is developed based on big data technology," said Zhu Pinpin, founder and CEO of Xiaoi.

To bolster its booming big data technology, the province of Guizhou launched a series of supporting policies for local enterprises during the expo, aiming to support them in both finance and human resources.

Special funds

Guiyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone announced it would establish a fund worth 50 million yuan to back AI projects.

In addition, the zone will set up another 100-million-yuan fund, for the overall development of the AI-based industry.

This will focus on fields including intelligent robots, intelligent hardware and software, smart sensors, virtual reality and smart cars.

The first national big data talent promotion association was also launched during the expo. A not-for-profit organization, its members comprise experts and academics from companies, universities and research institutes engaged in big data.

Hangzhou-based Yingna Group, a company specializing in technology and finance, joined forces with local Guizhou company Manbang Group, the truck-hailing outfit, to exploit big data. They plan to mine and analyze useful data generated from truck drivers, and then provide customized financial services for those drivers.

"The new generation of information technology represented by big data and AI could generate great value through their application in the financial field, which could in turn provide more efficient and accurate services for those people engaged in traditional industries," according to Ye Jinwu, founder of Yingna Group.


 Outstanding research, advances headline big data expo in Guiyang

Renowned network and information companies in China sign agreements with Guizhou's impoverished counties for poverty alleviation during the China International Big Data Expo 2018.Yang Changding / For China Daily

 Outstanding research, advances headline big data expo in Guiyang

A swirl of activities at this year's big data expo attract more than 120,000 visitors from Guizhou and the rest of the world.Provided To China Daily

Outstanding research, advances headline big data expo in Guiyang

Outstanding research, advances headline big data expo in Guiyang

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