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China's fine art treasures displayed in Guizhou

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Updated: 2018-07-05

An exhibition for China's fine art opened on June 28 at the Guizhou Art Museum with the theme "Discover Guizhou culture through paint collection".

The exhibition will be divided into five seasons and will run until the end of the year. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a dizzying 500 fine art collections in total, including Chinese painting, oil painting, woodcut painting and calligraphy.

During the first season, which will last for one month until July 28, 100 fine art collections will be displayed.

Most are contemporary Chinese art works from the last century, including paintings by renowned artists such as Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Zhang Daqian, Li Keran, Fu Baoshi and Li Kuchan. The works of Guizhou native Yao Mangfu, one of the leaders of the Beiping art circle in the last century, will also be on show.

Many ancient paintings will be on display in October and November. The earliest painting in the gallery can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). Other ancient works from legendary artists Gong Xian and Lishan in the early Qing Dynasty will also be exhibited.

Co-sponsored by the Literature and Guizhou Arts Association, Guizhou Culture Department, and Guizhou University, the exhibition is part of the 2018 Colorful Guizhou Culture and Art Festival which aims to promote Guizhou art and culture.

China's fine art treasures displayed in Guizhou

The opening ceremony of the exhibition for China's fine art is held at the Guizhou Art Museum on June 28. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

China's fine art treasures displayed in Guizhou
Visitors examine contemporary Chinese art works. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

Li Hanyi contributed to the story.

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