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Guiyang air quality remains good in 2018

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Updated: 2018-11-16

Messages about Guiyang having the best air quality out of 106 cities in China was widely spread on the internet on Nov 14. Numerous internet users praised the city's good ecological environment.

According to Guiyang Ecological Civilization Construction Commission, the data "just showed these cities' air quality conditions at 5pm on Nov 14 and doesn't represent the air quality of the whole day. Technically, the city air pollution degree can be influenced by climate, wind speed and rainfall at any moment".

At present, there are ten air quality monitoring stations in Guiyang which collect, process and upload data to get an accurate index after analyzing and calculating. The air quality condition should be based on the comprehensive index of different areas.

However, this year Guiyang air quality remains good thanks to the efforts of Guiyang Ecological Civilization Construction Commission and relevant departments in enforcing strict supervision of air pollution.

Data shows that by the end of Nov 13, the number of days with good air quality in Guiyang was at 311. As for the latest ranking about the city's air quality, the masses should wait patiently for the official announcement by the environmental protection department.

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story


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