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Guizhou to promote 5G and industrial internet development

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Updated: 2020-05-29

Guizhou to promote 5G and industrial internet development

Guizhou's industrial companies sign with telecommunication companies to cooperate on 5G and industrial internet construction. [Photo/gog.cn]

To enhance the coordination of production and sales, Southwest China's Guizhou province held an event themed around 5G and industrial internet in its provincial capital Guiyang on May 28.

The event aimed to allow industrial companies to communicate with telecommunication companies and promote the construction and application of 5G and industrial internet infrastructure in the province.

During the event, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile's Guizhou branches demonstrated how 5G technology can be applied to the industrial internet, while Guizhou's major companies introduced future plans for the application of 5G.

As commercial 5G technology develops rapidly, the integration of the next generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry has led to a new industrial revolution.

To grasp the opportunity, Guizhou is encouraging industrial and telecommunication companies to update to 5G infrastructure, and explore more applications of 5G to help businesses transform and upgrade.

Guizhou plans to help 3,000 companies to implement a digital transformation between 2019 and 2020, and achieve a 74 percent popularity rate of digital R&D design tools in key industries, as well as a 58 percent numerical control rate in key processes.

By 2022, Guizhou will promote digital transformation among 6,000 companies, and build network identification resolution nodes.

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