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Guizhou applies big data in vegetable industry development

( chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2020-07-06

The vegetable industry, one of the 12 featured environmental industries developed by Southwest China's Guizhou province to promote a rural industrial revolution and alleviate poverty, has developed rapidly in recent years.

In 2019, Guizhou's planting area of vegetables excluding chili and edible fungi was 1,783 mu (118,87 hectares), with 27.71 million metric tons of output volume and 71.1 billion yuan ($10.13 billion) of output value.

To further supply-side structural reforms, Guiyang Agricultural Investment Development Co (GAID) established a production and sales coordination system.

With this system, vegetable distributors can calculate the daily output volume of planting areas, and arrange picking, sorting and distribution.

GAID's subsidiary will promote the establishment of a whole vegetable industry chain system that collects data on varieties, sales volumes and prices of vegetables in China's major markets, and provides suggestions for the market positioning of Guizhou's vegetables.

A price monitoring platform has also been established, applying big data techniques to collect real-time data about farm product markets and supermarkets, and generate reports on the sale and prices of agricultural products in different time periods, regions and categories.

In addition, GAID has built a vegetable wholesale online platform to reduce logistics waiting times and increase the close rate.

The platform is connected with Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Park (a major public welfare agricultural products wholesale market), distribution centers and logistics companies.

GAID strives to use big data technology to enhance the management of agricultural product production, processing, transportation and marketing, with the aim of contributing to rural revitalization.

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