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Siwawa (Silk Doll)

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Updated: 2021-01-22

Siwawa (Silk Doll)

Of all of Guiyang's snacks, this one might be one of the cheapest. It gets the name from the similarity to a newborn infant wrapped in silk, but, in this case, the swaddling clothes'are a rice flour pancake as thin as a piece of paper the size of the palm of your hand. Then wrap the pancake around slivers of radish, Zhe ergen (Herbahouttuyniae), shredded kelp, shreds of cucumber, silk noodles, pickled turnip, fried soybeans, and crushed chilis. To really enjoy it, add some hot and sour sauce. Each snack bar has its own secret recipe for great sauce. This old hawker food has now become a dish of refinement and even makes an appearance at wedding banquets and other dignified, but happy events. Whether it's meant to symbolize local culture or something auspicious (e.g. a baby) is not clear, but you can even find this traditional Guizhou snack in Beijing. The minute you feel its tender, crisp vegetables, hot and sour taste in your mouth, you'll feel the cool, refreshing effect.

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