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Updated: 2021-03-09

Guiyang municipal government decided to develop the big data industry into the city's strategic initiatives of becoming an innovative-oriented city after careful research and analysis.

Since the Guizhou-Beijing Promotion Conference of Big Data Industry Development on March 1, 2014, Guiyang has started the big data development.

The State Council issued a plan to promote big data development at the end of August of 2015, noting that "the country should carry out regional pilot projects, promote the construction of the comprehensive pilot area for big data in Guizhou and accelerate the integration of regional big data infrastructure and the convergence of data resources."

Guiyang has three advantages for developing big data industry. First, Guiyang enjoys great natural environment benefits including ecology, climate, energy, security, and location. Second, the city has equal opportunity as it stands on the same starting line with other cities to develop big data industry. Third, Guiyang has good fault tolerance. In developed areas, the risk cost of fault tolerance is relatively high. An underdeveloped provincial capital city such as Guiyang has better fault tolerance, and, if it succeeds in big data experiments, it can promote to the whole country.

Backed with the construction of a big data public platform and focused on data legislation and standards, data openness and application, and industry gathering and integration, Guiyang will comprehensively develop data centers, call centers, software and service outsourcing, high-end products manufacturing, e-commerce, big data security, and a big data finance and big data industry chain to build itself a strong data city.

The city will initially establish a national big data comprehensive pilot demonstration area, big data industry cluster area, and a big data industry technology innovation pilot area. Guiyang will then become the country's important big data content center, service center and financial center, and initially shape it as the "Chinese Data Valley".

In 2020, Guiyang had 117 big data companies above a designated size - those with an annual revenue of 20 million yuan ($3.07 million) or more - and 87.31 billion yuan of telecommunication services.

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