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Ancient folk songs of the Miao ethnic group in Xifeng

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Updated: 2021-03-31

The ancient folk songs of the Miao ethnic group primarily communicate the group's very old legends and depict their wisdom and diligence. Thus, the songs hold incredible research value.

Miao people living in the Xiwang Mountain area in Xifeng county of Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province, are divided into three branches – the Xiaohua Miao, Qing Miao and Chuan Miao. Their ancient songs are sung in different languages and have unique content.

The culture of the Qing Miao enjoys a long history, with evidence indicating that they have lived in the West Mountain area since the Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The ancient songs of the Qing Miao are thus rich in content and history.

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