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Xiuwen strives to ensure stable employment

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Updated: 2021-06-30

Xiuwen county in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has always attached heavy importance to employment, and it has strengthened the development of its real economy to ensure employment stability.

It has introduced companies such as Guizhou Tyre Co, well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Tongjitang (Guizhou) Pharmaceutical Co, and leading enterprises such as BYD, creating many jobs.

The county has also expanded investment by focusing on major infrastructure projects such as urban construction, rural road reconstruction, Shubo Avenue, and the Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Park.

Since 2016, more than 10,000 jobs have been created every year.

Xiuwen has also promoted the planting of agricultural products like Xiuwen kiwi fruit. A total of 6,117 farmers have participated in the growing of the fruit.

The county government has invested 30 million yuan ($4.65 million) into guiding funds, established a variety of financial support models, and built a government-supported "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" financing model and a multi-level diversified agricultural guarantee system, leveraging 200 million yuan in bank and social funds to promote the development of the agricultural industry.

This has helped 917 households with 2,934 impoverished people, who now work at the kiwi fruit base.

Xiuwen has also increased support for e-commerce logistics. It carried out e-commerce education and training for returning rural migrant workers, college graduates, rural entrepreneurial leaders, and impoverished households.

It has incubated more than 500 e-commerce entities and trained the transformation for more than 70 traditional planting and breeding cooperatives and individual industrial and commercial households, which has led to the employment of more than 1,785 people.

In addition, through a series of measures, 371 enterprises have been issued a job stabilization subsidy of 3.17 million yuan, 268 companies have postponed their social insurance premiums of 31.67 million yuan, and 62.47 million yuan in insurance fees were slashed for various enterprises, reducing the burden on enterprises and stabilizing employment.

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