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Guizhou creates convenient living area in pilot cities

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Updated: 2021-08-16

Guizhou creates convenient living area in pilot cities

Guiyang becomes a pilot city for the creation of convenient living areas for residents. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

The city of Guiyang and Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Guizhou province were selected as pilot cities to create convenient living areas for residents.

The living areas must take into account the consumption needs and economic circumstances of residential areas.

The pilot cities will promote the application of convenient facilities in communities, encourage communities to renovate and improve their comprehensive service facilities, and encourage property service enterprises to expand services such as senior care, day care, housekeeping, postal express, and logistics.

Convenience stores, supermarkets, breakfast stores, hair salons, drug stores, stationery stores, recycling centers, and other businesses offering important goods or services are encouraged to open in these communities.

Guiyang and Guian are encouraging the development of businesses that can improve people's livelihoods, such as restaurants, fitness rooms, bookstores, entertainment centers, and nursing homes.

Large enterprises can use their brands, quality standards, management methods, and services to invest in chain stores in communities, which can stimulate the vitality of various market entities and form business clusters.

Relying on an intelligent community information system, Guiyang and Guian plan to develop WeChat applets or smartphone apps to provide convenient services for locals.

Business associations should formulate related standards and provide skills training sessions to regulate business operations and services. Sub-districts, communities, property service enterprises, and business owners should cooperate to maintain a sound business environment.

Essential barrier-free facilities should be completed as well, and stores should provide face-to-face services and support cash payments to meet the needs of senior citizens.

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