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Guiyang's digital economy booms in 2020

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Updated: 2021-08-31

Since the implementation of big data development promotion and government data sharing regulations, Guizhou's provincial capital of Guiyang has seen rapid growth in its digital economy.

In 2020, the added value of Guiyang's digital economy reached 164.9 billion yuan ($25.52 billion), increasing by 10.8 percent year-on-year and accounting for 38.2 percent of Guiyang's GDP.

Guiyang is currently building three industrial clusters, each worth more than 100-billion-yuan. They include a data center cluster, electronic information manufacturing cluster, and software and information technology service cluster.

Guiyang's government data sharing platform has been operating for four years and has increased data collection, page views, and downloads. With continued improvement and optimization, the platform maintains broad data coverage and high data quality in the country.

The platform helps the government break data barriers and avoid isolated data islands, further promoting the application of government data in social governance and people's livelihood services.

In addition, Guiyang has improved its big data innovation capabilities, achieving progress in technological innovation in homemade data bases and sovereignty blockchain, as well as publishing theoretical works related to big data.

Supported by provincial policies, Guiyang has received approval to build a national hub node for integrated computing power networks and to accelerate the construction of super-large data centers, basic cloud platforms for data centers, and comprehensive cloud platforms for block data.

Guiyang's outbound bandwidth has increased from 4,000 gigabits per second in 2016 to 17,000 Gbps in 2020. The coverage and application of 5G networks are surging, and the popularity of fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and internet is increasing.

Guiyang has also promoted talent cultivation cooperation between universities and enterprises and helped universities recruit big data faculty to train big data talent.

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