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Guiyang plans Innovation China hub city construction

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Updated: 2021-10-25

Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, was selected as one of the hub cities of the Innovation China program in May – and preparations are reportedly ramping up moving forwards.

The Innovation China program – which was launched by the China Association for Science and Technology – aims to collect the resources of industries, universities, research institutions and financial institutions to accelerate the commercialization and application of scientific and technological achievements.

For its construction as a hub city, Guiyang plans to support the development of big data, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing and electronic information manufacturing. It will do so by upgrading industries, providing innovation platforms, building innovation mechanisms, recruiting personnel and marketing innovation brands, among other things.

Guiyang's Party committee and municipal government departments will move forwards to establish work teams and issue policies, to better serve the metropolis' development as an Innovation China hub city.

Currently, Guiyang is home to 3,177 provincial-recorded technology enterprises, 1,210 high-tech enterprises, four national key labs, 56 provincial key labs, five national engineering technology research centers and 97 provincial engineering technology research labs.

It has also introduced various national and provincial academic societies, as well as established five Innovation China technology service teams to help with industrial technology innovation.

To meet the needs of its technological development, Guiyang has attracted public investment of 95 million yuan ($14.88 million) for 47 technology projects. It has also made industrial supply chain development plans for aluminum base and phosphorus base new materials, established technology volunteer services and helped 1,121 enterprises register as users of the Innovation China online platform.

Moving forwards, plans are for Guiyang to enhance its innovation cooperation with the East China region, as well as boost the innovation of technologies, products and management methods in key industrial areas.

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