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Wenchang Court


Wenchang Court was built in the 24th year of the Wanli emperor, during in the Ming (AD 1596) and sits to the east of Guiyang.

Jiaxiu Tower


The Jiaxiu Tower, quite similar to the giant'ao' (sea turtle), is on the Nanming River, in Guiyang. This traditional Chinese-style structure was built in 1597 during the Ming Dynasty.

Nanjiang Grand Canyon


The Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone is in the middle of Guizhou, 39 kilometers from Guiyang, and 19 km from Kaiyang county.

Qianling Park


Qianling Park, in the northwestern part of Guiyang, takes its name from Mount Qianling, which known as southern Guizhou's No 1 mountain.

Xifeng Concentration Camp


This concentration camp was the largest, highest-level prison of all the prisons set up by the Military Commission of the KMT government during the Anti-Japanese War.

Poly International Hot Spring


Poly International Hot Spring is in beautiful Wudang district, surrounded by a forest belt with pleasant scenery, clean air, and convenient transportation.

Huaxi Park


This park is 17 km from Guiyang, in the suburbs, and is known for being exceptional beautiful, comfortable and clean in Guizhou province.

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