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A recent documentary released on Tencent's video platform, featuring local snacks of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, shows people's preference for sour and spicy flavors reflecting a regional culture rooted in the mountains with frequent rain.

Porridge with glutinous rice cake


This food contains glutinous rice cake in porridge. The rice cake is made of 70 percent coarse glutinous rice and 30 percent sticky rice, then mixed with sugar and steam in a steamer.

Siwawa (Silk Doll)


Siwawa gets the name from the similarity to a newborn infant wrapped in silk, but, in this case, the swaddling clothes'are a rice flour pancake as thin as a piece of paper the size of the palm of your hand.

Wan'er cake


Wan'er cake takes its name from its resemblance to a little bowl and an ear ('er') and is a favored treat of children, also referred to as 'wa' er' (Chinese for 'child').

Romantic grilled beancurd


Grilled beancurd is a good dish with wine in Guiyang. The beancurd is cut 3 cm in length and 0.5 cm thick, then it is baked on a barbed wire above a sawdust-burning brazier after being soaked in marinade.

Lei's Tofu Pellets


Lei's tofu pellets are said to be the first thing a Guiyang woman named Lei Sanniang created, more than seven decades ago.

Changwang noodles


Among the many delicious snacks of Guizhou, changwang noodles best demonstrate the knife skill needed for Shanxi sliced noodles

Yipin Pot Soup


It is said that there is a well called Yipin Spring, so the soup beloved by people in a restaurant near the spring got the name Yipin Pot Soup.

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