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Stone-carved Buddha in Xiashui village


Towering above the landscape of Xiashui village, 16 kilometers outside of Guiyang, is a gigantic Buddha statue peering down at the scenery below.

Winter comes early in Guiyang


A sprinkling of snow covers flowers and leaves in Guiyang, Guizhou province, on Nov 30.

Qianling Mount Park


Qianling Mount Park, located in the northwest corner of Guiyang, is a good choice for residents to enjoy nature and relax.

Photographers capture stunning sunset view of Guiyang


Though winter has arrived in Guiyang, the sunny weather hasn’t yet disappeared.

Big data aids fight against air pollution in Guiyang


Government investments and developments in Guiyang’s big data industry have allowed meteorologiststo make long term air quality index predications.

Mellow yellow gingko leaves


The gingko leaves have turned a bright yellow in Xiuwen county’s Guanggui Tree Farm, attracting yoga practitioners to relax their bodies in nature.

Guiyang leads the way in green coverage


The forest coverage rate of Guiyang has reached 46.5 percent, according to statistics from the city's commission of ecological civilization.

Guiyang to become 'healthy city'


China’s National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee recently designated Guiyang as a trial city for its “healthy city” program.

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