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Advanced auto chassis developed by Guiyang firm delivered


The world's first full-scale open source chassis for self-driving vehicles, driven by research and developed by a firm located in the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, was on its way to buyers in the United States, according to local media report on Feb 22.

Guiyang's medium and high-end commercial projects emerge


Devoted to targeted investment attraction, Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, signed 244 medium and high-end commercial projects from January to October this year, with an estimated investment of 36.14 billion yuan ($5.14 billion).

Roadmap outlined for investment


Guiyang plans to enhance its real economy by attracting more investment from home and abroad, according to its recent economic development plan.

Guizhou Tyre Co builds on recent triumphs in overseas operations


As it continues to upgrade and improve its equipment and products, Guizhou Tyre Co is expanding its markets by setting up production bases at home and abroad.

Guiyang pins hopes on manufacturing for revitalizing real economy


Chen Zugang, a technician from a Guiyang-based aeronautical fastener manufacturer, never expected that the rivets he processed could replace imports being used on domestically developed aircraft.

Guizhou company moves toward intelligent manufacturing


Relying on the advantages of its talents and technology, Guizhou Aerospace Electrical Appliance Co, a Guiyang-based electronic components manufacturer, recently developed an automatic visual inspection device, making inroads into intelligent manufacturing.

Guiyang to carry out 55 industrial projects


Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, held the year's first commencement ceremony for industrial projects on Feb 18.

Guiyang's manufacturing industry sees bright future


In the production department of Liyuan Hydraulic Co, a Guiyang based hydraulic pump and motor manufacturer, every production process can be carried out by monitoring the central control system of the intelligent production line rather than using manpower.

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