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'Famous' robots made by students also box, dance and climb


Robots that look like fairies and famous people such as Michael Jackson can also box, dance and climb.

Miao embroidery


Some handicraft people in Kabao village, a Miao ethnic village of Guizhou still hold fast to their whole traditional handicraft for Miao embroidery.

How green growth benefits all


At the charging stations installed at Guiyang-Anshun New Area, it takes just one hour for a new energy bus to charge its battery back to 90 percent, which enables the bus to travel around 300 kilometers without much emission and noise.

Experience VR games at Big Data Expo


Ever wondered what you look like when you’re playing a VR game? Probably like these visitors experiencing VR at the ongoing Big Data Expo 2017 in Guiyang!

Robot writes poetry in calligraphy


Professionals and enthusiasts witness expanding capabilities and real-world applications of the field.

Xiaoi Robot Technology


Xiao I, a robot produced by local high-tech company Xiaoi Robot Technology, is displayed at this year's big data expo.

Breaking down the process of ancient tea making


Yanhe county in Southwest China's Guizhou province is known as "China's hometown of ancient tea trees". The county has more than 40,000 tea trees over 100 years old, among which 134 are more than 1,000 years old.

China's 24 Solar Terms come alive


China's 24 Solar Terms is a deeply rooted concept that encapsulates the essence of Chinese wisdom. Now, they are coming alive.

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