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Guiyang:A promising new land for big data investment

By Li Yang||Updated: March 26, 2014

"Guiyang has become a promising land for investment and a paradise in the eyes of many entrepreneurs,"said Liu Wenxin, mayor of Guiyang city, at a promotion conference in Shenzhen city recently.

The conference was designed to attract investment into big data and cultural tourism industries in Guiyang.

Zhao Jianguo, chairman of China Southern Power Grid Company Limited, said that Guiyang had become an important base for their company. In recent years, the company has invested more than 2 billion yuan ($322.9 million) in Guiyang annually. Zhao also highly appraised the Guiyang government's strategy to develop big data and cultural tourism industries together with Shenzhen.

Liu Pingchun, chairman of Shenzhen Huaqiaocheng Corporation, said that this is the best time to invest in Guiyang, as its agriculture and large data development were recently praised by President Xi Jinping.

Liu also said Huaqiaocheng would pay close attention to Guiyang, as accelerating construction of expressways and high-speed railways has shortened the distance between Guiyang and other places around the nation, making it a paradise for cultural tourism. Guiyang people are also very hospitable.

Pang Shengqing, vice-president of Zhongxing Telecom Equipment Corporation, praised the economic and social development that Guiyang had achieved in recent years. He said Zhongxing and Guiyang both achieved much since a strategic cooperation agreement on energy conservation and environment protection was signed between them last November. In the conference, the agreement was renewed and extended into other areas such as food safety, energy, trade and logistics.