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Chen Min'er: Guizhou University should catch the opportunity of big data

By Zeng Jun||Updated: May 21, 2014

"Guizhou University should take full advantage of all kinds of resources to promote the big data institute and play a part in the cooperation between educational institutions and industrial leaders," said Chen Min'er, the Guizhou provincial governor at a conference on Guizhou University’s expansion project on May 19. The project is a priority in Guizhou this year and it will provide facilities for further big data industrial development.

Chen Min'er, the Guizhou provincial governor,visits Guizhou University's campus expansion project. (Photo/Huang Xiaoqing )

During the conference, Chen talked about scientific research, services and training with experts who work for the big data institute.

Chen said, "Guizhou university should catch the opportunity to train more professionals for the development of the big data industry in Guizhou."