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Guiyang, Guian boost digital new infrastructure

Updated: August 3, 2022

During the first half of this year, expansion of digital new infrastructure in Guiyang and the nearby Guian New Area accelerated appreciably, and the sector was widely said to have enjoyed robust development.

Their internet outgoing bandwidth increased by 5,000 gigabits per second, taking it to 33,000 Gbps. The number of 5G base stations increased by 3,867 and reached 18,721, which accounted for 77.34 of the annual municipal goal and 52.99 percent of the annual provincial goal.

Guiyang and Guian continued with the rollout, construction, low-carbon development and connection of data centers. The Guian data center cluster has become one of 10 national data center clusters.

To date, the Guian data center has invested 1.4 billion yuan ($207.48 million) and it has installed 210,700 servers that are currently operating.

From January to June, Guiyang and Guian invested 3.57 billion yuan in the big data sector, accounting for 41.09 percent of the provincial total.

In the future, Guiyang and Guian will continue to boost the construction of data centers and internet infrastructure to contribute to Guizhou's participation in the Eastern Data and Western Computing project.