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Guizhou issues plan to reach peak carbon emissions

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: August 15, 2022

The Department of Ecology and Environment of Guizhou Province, together with other relevant provincial departments, recently issued the "Implementation Plan for Guizhou Province to Carry out Green and Low-Carbon Leading Actions of Public Institutions to Reach Peak Carbon Emissions".

The implementation plan clarifies the overall objectives. Through 2025, the energy structure of public institutions in the province will continue to be optimized, the energy efficiency will continue to improve, the total annual energy consumption will be kept below 1.01 million metric tons of standard coal, and total carbon dioxide emissions will be kept below 2.77 million tons.

Compared with 2020, the energy consumption per unit building area will be reduced by 4 percent and the carbon dioxide emission per unit building area will be reduced by 7 percent. In cities with excellent resource and development abilities, the carbon emissions of public institutions should peak before 2025, and total carbon emissions of public institutions in the whole province should reach peak before 2030.

The implementation plan also proposes five key measures to promote green and low-carbon development, including carrying out green and low-carbon transformation, implementing green and low-carbon leadership, promoting the transformation of energy utilization, advocating green and low-carbon lifestyles at public institutions, and strengthening management capabilities.

Additionally, the plan proposed relevant safeguard measures to reach peak carbon emissions and make Guizhou a pioneer area for ecological civilization construction.