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Big data industry thrives in Guiyang|Updated: August 18, 2022

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Guiyang is home to the most big data pilot and demonstration projects in China. [Photo provided to]

Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has been implementing the big data strategic action and stimulating the market with digital technology development. It has become the city with the most big data pilot and demonstration projects in China.

By developing electronic information manufacturing and software and information technology services, Guiyang's information technology service industrial cluster was selected among China's first batch of strategic emerging industrial clusters.

With its efforts to promote industrial digitalization, Guiyang's integration level of industrialization and informatization is higher than the national average, and its integration index of big data and real economy is 52.

Guiyang has established China's first regional government data sharing and exchanging platform and first data open platform among municipal and district-level governments.

Its government data open level has ranked among the highest in China for the past five years, and all government affairs services are available online.

Guiyang is now one of China's eight national integrated computing power hub cities and is home to 17 data centers currently operating or under construction. Guiyang and Guian are home to the world's largest data centers.

Guiyang has also released China's first regional big data regulation, established its first big data exchange, built its first national big data engineering lab, and built its only national data security range.