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Geographic Location|Updated: September 1, 2022

Sitting from 106 degrees 07 minutes to 107 degrees 17 minutes east longitude and from 26 degrees 11 minutes to 27 degrees 22 minutes north latitude, Guiyang neighbors Weng' an, Longli, Huishui and Changshun county of the Qiannan Buyi and Miao minority autonomous prefecture to the southeast, Pingba county of Anshunt municipality and Zhijin county of Bijie municipality to the west, and Qianxi, Jinsha county of Bijie and Zunyi county of Zunyi municipality in the north. Guiyang covers a total area of 8,034 square kilometers, accounting for 4.56 percent of the area of Guizhou province.

The urban districts of Guiyang (including Yunyan district, Nanming district and Xiaohe district) cover an area of 220.31 square kilometers, accounting for 1.97 percent of the total. Among them, Yunyan district lies in the north, covering an area of 67.5 square kilometers. Nanming district, covering an area of 89.68 square kilometers, and Xiaohe district, with an area of 63.13 square kilometers, are located in the south. Suburban districts (including Huangxi district, Wudang district and Baiyun district) have an area of 2194.5 square kilometers, 27.99 percent of the total area. Among them, Huangxi district is located in the southwest of the city proper with an area of 957.6 square kilometers. Wudang district (including Guiyang National High-Tech Industry Development Zone) is located in the northeast and west, covering an area of 964.9 square kilometers, and Baiyun district is located in the northwest with an area of 272 square kilometers.

The one city and three counties cover a total area of 5625.5 square kilometers, accounting for 70.04 percent of the total area. Qingzhen city is in the west of Guiyang and has an area of 1,492 square kilometers. Roughly 18.58 percent of Xiuwen county lies in the north with an area of 1,071 square kilometers, 13.33 percent of the total. Xifeng county lies in the north with an area of 1036.5 square kilometers, 12.91 percent of the total. Kaiyang county lies in the northeast with an area of 2026 square kilometers, 25.22 percent of the total.