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First train debuts at new Guiyang metro line 3

eguiyang.com.cn|Updated: November 24, 2022


The train employs a new design to ensure safe operations. [Photo provided by the construction company of the first stage of Guiyang metro line 3]

The first train arrived on Nov 22 for the new metro line 3 in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, which is currently being built.

The first stage of the metro line 3 will be the longest and fastest metro transport line in the city. It will be 43.03 kilometers long and have 29 stations.

The train will have carriages that can set different temperatures in summer. Passengers can learn about the real-time information of each station through the dynamic map in each carriage.

The carriages are set with areas for fastening wheelchairs and have a special design to enlarge the standing area. Each carriage is equipped with large-size displays and a low-temperature plasma air purification device.

The train has an intelligent monitoring and operation system to detect errors and collect operational data, to ensure safety.

It has a lightweight design in both structure and materials, making the total weight 8 metric tons much lower than regular trains. It also uses various energy-saving measures such as high-frequency auxiliary converters, ground energy feedback systems and frequency conversion air conditioners to reduce operation costs.