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2023 Big Data Expo solicits annual theme|Updated: December 7, 2022

Preparations for the 2023 China international Big Data Industry Expo recently started, and the expo is soliciting the annual theme from individuals and organizations across the world. Submissions will close on Dec 20.

All candidate themes should conform to the expo's concept of "global vision, national level, industrial and enterprises' perspective.

The themes should be in line with the digital era and focus on popular issues in the global digital economy.

They should adhere to the national strategy, conform to industrial trends, and be related to cutting-edge technology.

All contributing individuals and institutions should ensure that all themes are original and have never been published in any form or been known by the public in any way before. They should not copy, counterfeit or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

Applicants can send their proposed theme and detailed interpretation of the theme via email to The email and file should be entitled "2023 Big Data Expo + applicant's name + phone number".

The executive committee of the expo will review all the themes and select 50 to proceed to the next round, during which 10 will be selected. The candidates will then be further narrowed to three finalists.

Those who submit the best themes will receive certificates and be invited to all the activities at the 2023 Big Data Expo. Those whose themes are nominated will receive certificates and be invited to high-end dialogues, professional forums, exhibitions and the Expo Release.

Those whose themes make it to the finals will receive certificates and be invited to professional forums, exhibitions and the Expo Release. All certificates will be issued by the executive committee of the expo, and applicants of all 50 themes will receive a souvenir.