Guiyang makes progress in Innovation China pilot city construction

Updated: February 6, 2023

Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, ranked 23rd among 65 pilot cities and industrial parks that are part of the Innovation China project on Jan 30, announced by the Guiyang Association of Science & Technology.

The Guiyang Association of Science & Technology has taken efforts to attract talents, integrate technological innovation resources and improve services, so that it can meet the requirements of the China Innovation Three-Year Action Plan (2021-23).

The association has also released supporting measures and work plans to encourage relevant workers to make technological innovations.

So far, the association has organized eight online and on-site technology roadshows for projects in Guiyang and Guian New Area; invited experts to share opinions on the big data industry; and carried out more than 90 academic activities.

The association has cooperated with national societies, major universities and local companies to apply for demonstration projects, planned by the China Association for Science and Technology, while simultaneously organizing online meetings to attract resources and investment.

It has helped 1,163 companies and social organizations, as well as 4,984 experts to join Innovation China's technology and economy service platforms. The association has also established an office that deals with technical problems experienced by Guiyang's companies. The office has so far earned 2,594 technological achievements and 875 technological demands.

In the future, the association will continue to arrange for companies to apply to become sci-tech innovation bases for the China Association of Science and Technology. It will continue to provide follow-up services for companies, promote communication between supplying and requisitioning parties, look into technology achievements and technological demands, and release the latest information on Guiyang's sci-tech innovation.