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Why Guiyang

eguiyang.com.cn|Updated: April 7, 2023

1. Location Advantages

The city of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, enjoys a unique geographic location in the middle of Guizhou province, neighboring Yunnan province to the west, Sichuan province to the north, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to the south and Hunan province to the east.

Guiyang is an important hub of traffic and communication in the southwestern region of the country, as well as a comprehensive industrial base and a national scenic area.

Guiyang is the largest freight terminal in southwest China. The four major railway lines in Southwest China run across Guiyang, with several other rail lines, including the Zhuzhou-Liupanshui railway, passing through Guiyang Railway Station. The city is currently designing, planning and applying to establish the Guiyang No 1 High-speed Railway (HSR).

Highways in the city have developed rapidly in recent years, and have gradually replaced railways for inter-province transport. The largest passenger terminal in southwest China is currently under construction in Guiyang, continually strengthening the advantages of Guiyang's transportation capacity.

After decades of development, public transportation nearly covers the entire urban area and three main suburbs of Guiyang.

2. Investment Environment

A good ecological and living environment, preferential investment policies, rich natural resources and a sound industrial base are attractive factors for worldwide investors in Guiyang.

Guiyang is abundant in mineral and energy resources, and boasts a comprehensive industrial base for resource exploitation. Being a southwestern provincial capital makes Guiyang an important transport and communications hub in China.

Key industrial products and industries, such as aluminum, phosphorus, mechanical and electronic products, precise optical instruments, contemporary Chinese traditional medicines, grinding tools and abrasives, cigarettes and automobile parts, are well-developed in the city and enjoy fame nationwide.

Since the central government implemented a western development strategy several years ago, Guiyang has become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign and domestic investors. In addition to the State's preferential policies for western development, the local government has also mapped out a series favorable policies for investors ranging from tax reduction to supports in fundraising, provision of subsidies and incentives in land use.

More than 60 Top Global 500 companies and domestic Top 500 companies have been introduced into Guiyang, including Wal-Mart, Microsoft, McDonald's and Yum! From the USA, Kyocera from Japan; Danone, Snecma and Lafarge from France, Chia Tai Group from Thailand and China Railway Group Limited.

The scale of imports and exports in the city continues to expand, further optimizing commodities exports and inviting further investments.