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Guiyang launches China's first computing power resource zone|Updated: April 7, 2023

The Global Big Data Exchange in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, recently launched a "computing power resource zone" with Guizhou Suanli Technology Co.

The zone, the first of its kind in China, is based on the Guizhou Hub Computing Operation and Scheduling Platform and aims for the efficient and centralized scheduling of computing power across regions, industries, and platforms.

Currently, the platform includes general-purpose computing, intelligent computing, and supercomputing, with 29.7 floating point operations per second of computing power, 84 petabytes of storage capacity, and 500 gigabytes of operating capacity. Additionally, it offers security resources and value-added services.

According to the Global Big Data Exchange, the "computing power resource zone" is the fourth industry zone launched after the "meteorological data zone," "electricity data zone," and "government data open zone."

The zone will help promote computing power products and services in trade, fostering third-party computing power service providers and promoting the extension of computing power to users.

It will also enrich the data ecosystem by improving the computing power industry chain, strengthen cooperation between eastern and western China by sharing data and computing power, promote resource sharing and efficiency, and accelerate the establishment of a national data production element circulation core hub.

Going forward, the Global Big Data Exchange will continue to promote the commercialization and standardization of computing power, providing unified management, sequencing, and scheduling services.

Its focus will be on coordinating supply and demand of computing power and data resources between eastern and western China. It will encourage enterprises to use computing to enhance their intelligence level and promote the exploration of new business models, new experience, and new achievements in digital economies.