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Big Data Expo 2023 to set intl friendly city exhibition area

Updated: May 8, 2023

The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023 (Big Data Expo 2023), which will be held in Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, from May 26 to 28, will set a new exhibition area for international friendly cities.

Thirteen international friendship cities and friendly regions of Guizhou and Guiyang will participate, promoting exchanges and cooperation in the domestic and international big data industry, and assisting global cooperation and innovation in that field.

So far, 13 cities from Greece, Italy, South Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States have confirmed their attendance.

The exhibition area will showcase the achievements of each city in big data, artificial intelligence, data centers, smart city construction and other fields.

Busan in South Korea will exhibit its achievements in terms of smart city construction; Liverpool in the UK will showcase its developments in smart healthcare; and Spain's Gran Canaria will share its experience in smart tourism.

Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines and XTO Energy will also present their experience in integrating big data and the real economy.

In addition to showcasing big data achievements, these cities hope to promote local tourism, education, and other resources through the expo. For example, Vicenza in Italy will introduce its educational institutions at the expo.

As one of the most authoritative and influential events in the global big data field, the Big Data Expo has attracted companies from all over the world to participate, and provides Guiyang with more opportunities for international exchanges.

A smart city forum for international friendship cities will also be held during the Big Data Expo 2023, providing a platform for them to share their experience and promote further cooperation.