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Big Data Expo opens in Guiyang

eguizhou.gov.cn|Updated: May 26, 2023


The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2023 kicks off in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, on May 26, including prestigious activities. The 2023 leading technology achievements release announces 20 leading technological achievements and 51 outstanding technological achievements. [Photo/Guiyang news network]


Big Data Expo 2023 opens in Guiyang city on May 26. The expo is expected to showcase new technologies, products, and models in areas such as digital city, data security, and smart healthcare. [Photo/ddcpc website]


The Main Venue of the Big Data Expo 2023. Since February of this year, the Big Data Expo has garnered an impressive total of 357 scientific and technological achievements submissions covering areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and 5G technology. The number of leading scientific and technological achievements released at this year's expo is expected to increase from 15 to 20. [Photo/ddcpc website]