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Guiyang, Guian celebrate Dragon Boat Festival|Updated: June 25, 2023


Dragon boats compete on Yueshan Lake during the Dragon Boat Festival. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, which lasted from June 22 to 24, Guiyang and Guian New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province launched various tourism products and activities at scenic spots to boost consumption and promote the integrated development of culture and tourism.

According to statistics from online travel website Ctrip, the number of orders for trips to Guiyang during the holiday increased by 117 percent compared to the previous year.

The five most popular attractions were Qingyan Ancient Town, Huaxi Yelang Valley, Guiyang Happy World, Tianhetan Tourism Resort, and Guizhou Polar Ocean World.

On June 22, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, a dragon boat race was held at the Yueshan Lake Wetland Park. Ten teams gathered at Yueshan Lake for the race, amid throngs of crowds.


Actors dressed in hanfu stroll around Qingyun Market in Guiyang's Nanming district during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

As the dragon boats raced along the water, performances continued on the shore. Peking opera, cross talk, and guqin performances were offered across the city during the holiday.

People celebrating in traditional Chinese clothing, or hanfu, was another highlight of the festival. During the holiday, a hanfu competition and parades were seen at Qingyan Ancient Town and Qingyun Market. Visitors had the opportunity to take photos with the actors and collect stamps to receive prizes.