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Exhibition showcases Guiyang's ecological achievements|Updated: August 16, 2023


Visitors learn about Guiyang's ecological civilization construction achievements at the exhibition. [Photo/Guiyang news network]

The opening ceremony of Guiyang Ecological Civilization Construction Achievements Exhibition took place in Guanshanhu Park on Aug 15, the first National Ecology Day.

Over the years, Guiyang has prioritized the construction of an ecological civilization, achieving strong results.

The proportion of days in a year on which the city's air quality was "excellent" or "good" was 99.1 percent. The water quality of 28 national and provincial controlled sections all reached the standard level, and water quality compliance rate of centralized drinking water sources hit 100 percent.

What's more, 55.3 percent of Guiyang is forested. There are 1,025 various parks in the city, with a 14.85-square-meter per capita green area in the park's built-up area.

A series of serious ecological problems such as the polluted Nanming River and damaged mineral regions has been solved, improving the city's environment.

Efforts have also been made to promote circular transformation and low-carbon emission transformation in traditional industries with high energy consumption and high emissions such as phosphorus chemicals and aluminum processing, as well as boost the development of industries with low energy consumption, low emissions and high added value such as digital industries and electronic information manufacturing.

In terms of urban construction, Guiyang strives to build a "waste-free city" by promoting the reduction and recycling of solid waste in industry, agriculture, construction and daily life, and has planted 4.76 million trees since the start of this year.

In addition, Guiyang has endeavored to expand the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry, aiming to drive green consumption through green production, and organize activities on special days such as World Environment Day and Guizhou Ecological Day to encourage people to live a green and low-carbon lifestyle.