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Guiyang sees tourism boom during Dragon Boat Festival holiday

eguiyang.com.cn|Updated: June 13, 2024

This year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday lasted from June 8-10. As of June 9, the number of inbound travel bookings to Guiyang increased by 206 percent year-on-year, while the number of local travel bookings increased by 21 percent. The main sources of tourists to Guiyang during the holiday were Xiangtan, Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha, and Xinxiang.

Ctrip, an online travel agency in China, released its 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Travel Report on June 10, revealing that Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, was selected among the top 10 destinations for road trips over this holiday.

In terms of the number of visitors received during the holiday, the top three districts and counties were Huaxi district, Nanming district, and Yunyan district, and the top five attractions were Huaxi Wetland Park (Confucius Academy), Qianlingshan Park, Qingyan Ancient Town, Guizhou Provincial Geological Museum, and Time Town in the county-level city of Qingzhen.

Over the holiday, all attractions throughout the city actively planned engaging folk festivals and activities. People flocked to these events, with families and individuals making rice dumplings, creating sachets, racing dragon boats, and playing pitch-pot.

While preserving cultural traditions, they shared the joy of the holiday, enjoyed folk customs, and experienced the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture.

huaxi qingyan.jpg

An actress dressed in traditional clothing dances in Qingyan Ancient Town. [Photo/WeChat account of Guiyang Release]

xinyin 1950.jpg

The newly-opened block, Xinyin 1950 Discovery, attracts many visitors. [Photo/WeChat account of Guiyang Release]


Visitors dance with locals. [Photo/WeChat account of Guiyang Release]