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'Maker in China' regional final concludes in Guiyang


The regional finals of "Maker in China" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for small and medium-sized businesses were held in Guiyang – capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province – on July 19-20.

Guiyang selected pilot city for 'Innovation China' project


Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, was recently listed among the second batch of "Innovation China" pilot cities and industrial parks.

Shubo Avenue streets ahead in attracting top talent


Like the status of Wall Street in New York as the financial heart of business in the United States, the Big Data Expo Avenue, also known as Shubo Avenue, is deemed as an engine for Guiyang's big data industry to stand out from its peers in the country.

Fusion of thought & practice makes perfect


When plunged into the depths of despair, people vary in their reactions. Some are overwhelmed by the tremendous pressure and collapse, while others struggle out of their difficulties and embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Wudang aims for high-quality development


In Guiyang, the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, Wudang district continues to seek high-quality development, giving priority to rural revitalization, big data development and ecological development.

Wudang sets ambitious targets for 14th Five-Year Plan period


In Guiyang, the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, Wudang district is seeking high-quality development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), according to Zhu Gang, secretary of Wudang district's Party committee.

Guiyang continues big data drive, digitalization


More efforts are expected to speed up big data development and seize new opportunities in the digital economy in Guiyang and the Guian New Area in Guizhou province, an official said on Wednesday during the two sessions.

Government spurs growth in economy


Guiyang has focused on revitalizing its commerce industry, boosting consumption and optimizing its market environment to move forward with high-quality development.

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